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Hi, I'm Lisa C. Miller. I am a poet.

Lisa C. Miller's Bio:

Hi, I am Lisa C. Miller. I am a poet who has a creative partnership with the Holy Spirit for many years. Lisa C. Miller and her family live in the beautiful state of Alaska, where the spirit of animals and men roam free. Their secrets are carried throughout the land by the wind. . The mountains echo with them. She wants to reveal the beauty of Christ to the broken and lost souls of humanity. Lisa C. Miller believes writing is a language of the heart and is a beautiful way to share one's innermost feelings. Here is a quote that she thinks is close to how she writes: "Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart" William Wordsworth

Lisa C. Miller's Experience:

  • Writer/Blogger at

    I write to reveal the simplicity of Christ and the beauty of life.

  • Poet at Author

    I write poetry to uplift and encourage the human spirit.

  • Poet at Writer

    Writing poetry and stories. Learning good communication skills.

  • Published Author at Self-Employed

    Poet, Writer, I have written and published two books of poetry. 1. Godly Inspirations for the Troubled Soul 2. Inspirations from Heaven's Gate I am currently working on my third book.

  • Poet at Creative Writers

  • Poet at Inspirationbooksbylisa

    I write books that bring beauty and encouragement to a dry soul.

Lisa C. Miller's Education:

  • University of Alaska Fairbanks

    Concentration: Anthropology, Religion
  • Murray State University

    Concentration: Library science, Creative writing
  • Cooper High School

Lisa C. Miller's Interests & Activities:

Reading, writing, marketing my books, social media and blogging.

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